Terms and Conditions


From time-to-time, San Jacinto Power (SJP) must provide “Terms and Conditions” of service to customers and potential customers. When necessary or appropriate, it is the policy of SJP to include the following terms and conditions language for that purpose:


Electric generation rates are managed with the intention of providing electricity to its customers at competitive rates.  Any changes to rates will be adopted at duly noticed public meetings of the San Jacinto City Council.  Changes to Southern California Edison (SCE) or SJP rates can impact cost comparisons between SJP and SCE.

Please note that SCE also charges SJP customers a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and Franchise Fee Surcharge.  In addition, SCE charges fees for delivering power to your home or business and for providing various customer services.  However, SJP has already accounted for these additional charges in calculating your rates.  Please contact SCE if you would like more information about their respective charges.

To view SJP rates and SCE cost comparisons, visit our Rates page at www.SanJacintoPower.com/Rates or call 951-665-6812.  These rates and cost comparisons may change over time.  Financial assistance programs like the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE), Federal Electric Rate Assistance (FERA), and Medical Baseline Allowance programs remain the same with SJP.  If you are enrolled in any of these programs with SCE, they will continue to apply to your account as a SJP customer.


Each month, customers will receive a single monthly bill from SCE just as they would under SCE service.  This bill includes all recent electric charges, including SJP’s power generation charges.  SCE will continue to charge you for the services they provide via their delivery side of the bill; this includes the cost of transmitting electricity directly to your home.  For your convenience, SCE forwards the power generation portion of your bill when you pay your monthly bill. You will still receive just one bill and need only make a single payment each month.


SJP is the default electricity provider within the City of San Jacinto.  Accounts within SJP’s service area are automatically enrolled in the SJP Prime Power program, our most cost-effective, 35% renewable energy service.  You may also choose to opt up to our SJP EverGreen program, a service which provides 100% clean, renewable energy service at very competitive prices.

Account holders who wish to sign-up for the SJP EverGreen program can call 951-665-6812 or visit www.SanJacintoPower.com. Please have your SCE account information on hand to process your request.  Account holders may also request to opt out of SJP service at any time.  However, you hereby acknowledge and agree that if you opt out of SJP and return to SCE electric generation service any time after the 60-day post enrollment period, your electricity account(s) will be subject to SCE’s current terms and conditions of service.


You may request to opt out of SJP without penalty at any time.  If you opt out, you will still be charged for all SJP electricity used before the transfer of electric service. Accounts will be transferred on the day the electric meter is read and cannot be transferred during the middle of a billing cycle. In order for your request to be processed on your next meter read date, your request must be received at least 5 business days prior to the date on which the meter is read.

Please be advised that if you opt out of SJP and return to SCE service any time after the 60-day post enrollment period, SCE will charge a one-time account processing fee and restrict your return to SJP for 12 months.  By opting out, you will also be subject to SCE’s current terms and conditions of service. For details on SCE’s rates or terms and conditions, please visit sce.com. To opt out of SJP service, please call us at 951-665-6812 or visit our website at www.SanJacintoPower.com. Please have your electric bill handy so that we can process your request.

Failure to pay

SJP reserves the right to transfer your account to SCE upon 14 calendar days’ written notice if you fail to pay any portion of the SJP charges on your bill. If your service is transferred, you may be subject to additional requirements by SCE.

Customer Privacy Policy

SJP’s policy on Customer Confidentiality can be found on this website www.SanJacintoPower.com or by calling 951-665-6812.